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Prevent Injuries this Fall

Even though it feels like warm summer weather just started, the leaves are starting to turn colour and fall to the ground. Fall is here! That means we will all be spending more time indoors relaxing by the fire looking out as the wet leaves pile up until eventually we can’t stand it anymore. Time to slip on the boots and rain jacket, and get out there to keep the pathways bare and the gutters clear. A few simple tips to keep you safe and feeling pain-free as you go about the fall clean-up activities:

1. Warm up! Spend about 10 minutes walking around the yard or the block to warm up every
muscle before you start the heavy lifting.
2. Buddy up. The best way to not over-do it is to find a friend to help and half the amount of work.
They can help with the heavy lifting, but also help hold the ladder to prevent any falls.
3. STAY HYDRATED. This one cannot be stressed enough. Working outside in the cold and rain
often doesn’t make you feel as thirsty as working outside in the hot sun but the body is still
exerting the same out of energy needing the same amount of water as a warm summer day.
4. Stretch during and after. Just like any workout, a day spent outside in the garden will tighten up
the muscles leaving you feeling stiff and achy. Keep all your muscles stretched like you would
after a hard workout.
5. Cool down! Spend about 10 minutes walking around the yard after you have finished to survey
everything that you have done (with pride) but also to allow the muscles to cool down and relax
before you sit back down on the couch by the fire.

By Dr Simon