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PRP for Osteoarthritis!

According to stats Canada (2015) about 20% of Canadians ages 15 and older have
been diagnosed with arthritis. This number rises dramatically as the population


While weight loss and physiotherapy/exercise is encouraged, the more commonly
used treatment options are anti-inflammatory and opiate medications, which have a
number of well documented side effects like bleeding ulcers, and kidney disease to
name a few. In addition these medications, simply serve as temporary relief to an
ongoing degenerative condition. And as this condition worsens the suggestion of
surgery becomes inevitable. Recently a CBC News article suggested the majority of
arthroscopic surgeries are showing to be largely ineffective. “Why Canada is wasting
millions on useless knee surgeries”

CBC Video

Researchers are now studying the use of PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) to not only
reduce pain, but to actually improve cartilage integrity and reduce the rate of
degeneration. It does this by using the bodies own growth factors to help regenerate
and repair the degenerating tissue.
Unlike surgery, this simple injection procedure allows the patient to resume regular
activities almost immediately.
For more info on PRP and whether it is right for you contact the clinic.

By David Milanovich ND