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Eating Seasonally

What does eating seasonally mean? Well, just what it says. Eat what is currently in
season. You may think that it’s one of the new food trends. But really, it’s simply
going back to how it was before food could be transported all over the world in a short
amount if time. You ate what was in season and what was in abundance.
Eating seasonally has its advantages. First, it can be very cost effective. Foods that
are in season and locally grown don’t have far to travel,are fresher and can be
harvested at their peak. This keeps the cost down on the product because it doesn’t
need to be transported over long distances.
An added benefit is being able to shop locally for your produce. It benefits your local
farmers of course, but the benefits are passed along to you nutritionally as well. If it’s
locally grown, it’s more likely to be pesticide free. It’s harvested at the best time and
will be nutrient dense. And or course, you can be guaranteed that it’s right for the
Variety is the spice of life, they say! Eating seasonally will certainly add variety to your
meals. A move from cold salads to warm stews. A new vegetable of fruit that you
have been thinking of trying. A varied diet also helps maintain the right vitamin and
minerals that we need to strike balance in our body.
More whole foods, organic if available provide us with the building blocks to a healthy
and happy body. Eating seasonally will provide you with the nutrients that you need to
maintain a healthy balance and tackle the climate of the environment. We crave fruits
and veggies in the summer that are water based because this helps our body to
regulate heat and stay hydrated. Come the Fall there is a shift towards more root
vegetables and whole grains that are best cooked.
With Thanksgiving coming up soon, here is a simple recipe you can have along with
your turkey! An easy way to get into your seasonal veggies 🙂

Autumn​ ​Vegetable​ ​Medley

This is the easiest thing to make! There are no rules here. Choose your medley from
the hard squashes such as acorn or butternut squash. Throw in some cauliflower, and
for colour add bell peppers. Carrots and celery are always a welcome addition. And of
course the greens are an added bonus with broccoli and spinach.
Once you have decided on your medley, slice the veggies up and toss lightly with olive
oil and your favourite seasonings and herbs. Place in a baking dish and bake at 350
for 20-30 minutes.
Bon Appetit!

By Heather S.