Fit Chiropractic

We are OPEN (with a Safety Plan)

Front Desk Fun

We are so happy to welcome you back!

BC has done an amazing job at staying home and helping to limit the spread of this virus. And, with this comes our ability to open the clinic to accept patient appointments.

We have a very strict sanitization and cleaning protocol along with each practitioner using personal protection equipment (PPE) including facemasks and gloves and our new reception desk protective visor.

If you are concerned about the risk. Stay-home. Please Contact us if you have any questions.

Here is our Safety Protocols:

Equipment available:

  • Disposable face masks with visors (eye protection)
  • Hand sanitizer
  • Nitrile gloves
  • Cleaning supplies
  • Alcohol wipes
  • Paper towels
  • Protective wrap

Staff Health Policy:

The aim is to do everything possible to limit in-person interactions, while finding new and more protective ways to operate within the physical infrastructure of the workplace. With this in mind, please adhere to the following:

  • do not come to work if you are sick
  • abide by physical distancing processes as much as possible
    • when working together, please minimize contact. Separate work stations will be created at the front desk and my office. Please do not change work stations during the day.
  • wash and sanitize hands regularly, cough/sneeze into upper sleeve or elbow
  • only one person in the kitchen area, I would encourage you to get fresh air outdoors during breaks
  • I would encourage you to have “work clothes” that are washed when you return home and not mixed with regular clothing. Many offices have moved to scrubs to show this distinction, but scrubs would still require that you remove and wash them when you get home. I would prefer to remain in our own clothing, but exercise this same level of caution.

Pre-screening questions to be asked to each patient prior to their appointment (when booking):

  1. Are they sick? Any type of illness will be an automatic “let’s postpone your appointment to a date when you are feeling better”. Even if it is just a runny nose.
  2. Are they taking care of anyone that is sick or have they been exposed to COVID-19?
  3. Are they immune compromised?
    1. Any appointments over the age of 80 will be postponed until “Phase 3” of the BC pandemic plan, which will likely be in mid June if it goes according to plan.
    2. A high risk individual should also wait until mid-June. If they cannot, I would like to first arrange a telehealth meeting to determine if their need constitute an emergency.
  4. Have they traveled in the past 14 days?

Please describe the safety protocol as described below so they are aware that they cannot bring their entire family to the appointment. Paper forms will not be provided in the office so ensure that they can complete their online form by giving an email address (even filling out their BC Care Card number online to Jane).

Here is a copy of the information that will be sent to patients prior to their appointment:

  • Please come as close to your designated appointment time as possible. Do not come early to wait in the waiting room for more than 5 minutes.
  • If you require help entering to office, please speak to our staff in advance. Drivers will be asked to wait in the car.
  • Maintain social distancing when possible.
  • We will ask you to wash your hands or use sanitizer when you arrive.
  • Please wear a mask to your appointment. If you do not have one, a disposable mask will be made available to you on arrival.
  • Our schedule will be spaced out to allow for proper disinfection between patient visits with alcohol/sanitizer.
  • All shared reception items have been removed with chair separation.
  • We thank you for understanding as we all attempt to adjust to the current conditions.

Patient arrival procedures:

  • Patient opens the front door and will see the station of sanitizer, facemasks and gloves.
  • Ask them to put on their mask and use the hand sanitizer provided at the door. The session cannot begin until both are done. Staff should also wash their hands prior to arrival or use the sanitizer.
    • Patients may choose to wash their hands in the washroom but I would encourage them to use the sanitizer since this reduces their travel in the office. If they do use the washroom, please note this as this area will have to be sanitized after their appointment.
    • Remind the patient that it may seem like overkill but we are all working together and want to keep our economy moving from Phase 2 to 3 so are taking health and sanitation seriously. Please ask them to restrict their movements in the office and limit touching of items unless asked as it will all have to be washed afterwards.
  • Please have the room and equipment prepared for them. Everything will have been already thoroughly cleaned. Go straight to the treatment room to begin.
  • Ideally if parents or guests do accompany, please send them into the treatment room with the patient and don’t have them sit in the waiting room chairs.
  • No homework sheets will be given out in person. They can either be emailed after the session
  • Payment can be taken via the POS machine, which will have a layer of Saran wrap covering it. This will be discarded after they leave and replaced as part of our cleaning protocols.
  • I would encourage emailed receipts, but printing is fine if requested.
  • After they leave, you should wash your hands or use the sanitizer.

Cleaning Checklist:

After each visit, there is an additional 15 minutes booked for thorough cleaning before the next patient arrives. Please first wash your hands once the patient has left the building. Then ensure that all checklist items are cleaned using the spray bottle and paper towels:

  • All areas flagged with a Post It note to be sterilized
  • “High touch” areas in the washroom if the patient used it
    • Sink, doorknobs, soap dispenser, toilet seat cover, counter
  • Any reception items or chair that were touched
  • Both sides of the entrance doorknob
  • Sterilization or Changing Saran wrap on POS machine if used

Safety Station

Welcome to the office! Under the direction of our Provincial Health Officer and regulatory College, we have implemented new health and safety guidelines for your visit today.

On entering, we request that you:

  1. Apply hand sanitizer to both hands.
  2. Don a disposable mask as shown below.
  3. Gloves are available and optional.
  4. Minimize unnecessary contact with items or surfaces not involved in your appointment today.
  5. Avoid physical forms of greeting – we know, it’s unnatural for us too!
  6. Give space when possible.

We have sanitized all areas prior to your arrival and will repeat the process when you leave. Masks and gloves can be disposed of in the trash bin outside of our office door.

Please note that although we have taken every recommended step to mitigate risk, the only guaranteed form of protection against COVID-19 is self-isolation. If you are uncomfortable or have any concerns with our office protocols, we are happy to postpone your appointment. Thank you for your support and help to navigate these difficult times.