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Fall Has Arrived!

Fall Has Arrived

By Dr. Simon Condé

You may have noticed the Fall colours coming out which means Fall is yet again upon us and the inevitable switch in our daily routine and activity levels.  For some that means winding down after a busy summer season for a little R&R this Fall, for others that means ramping up the training for the winter to come.  Whichever you are- Fall is a time for change.

A few Fit Chiro tips and tricks for staying active and pain-free for the Fall season:

  1. Dynamic stretching: Colder temperatures mean that it is harder to get warm before a workout.  Always start your exercise with large dynamic movements.  Think: lunges, squats, airplanes, shoulder swings, leg swings.  NEVER statically stretch a cold muscle before a workout.
  2. Proper workout posture: For many, the Fall means heading back to full-time work and often involves countless hours sat at a desk.  Remember to sit forward in your chair, chest raised, and think about rolling your shoulders back and “pulling your shoulder blades towards the opposite back pocket”. Don’t forget to keep your neck back and relax!
  3. Hydrate: Often while running and exercising in the cooler months we drink less water.  Exercising in the cold can be deceiving-we think we need less water because we are not as hot and don’t need its cooling effect.  In reality, our bodies are working harder to stay warm, in turn increasing cell metabolism and warm requirements.
  4. Slow down: Fall means the trails and roads get much slicker.  Check your speed when riding or running on trails with roots, they have been gathering algae all summer and will be particularly slippery!
  5. Treatment: Inevitably there will be aches and pains with Fall-time exercises.  Make sure that you listen to your body and treat any minor aches and pains before they become a big problem!  Maintenance massage and Chiropractic can make the difference between getting out for that evening run or ride and having to stay home and do your stretches.

Fall is a great time to settle back into a fitness routine to help stay motivated to stay fit through the darker, wetter months or to get ready for a busy winter season.  Stay active, stay Fit!