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Chiropractic Care During Pregnancy

Chiropractors have several tools in their toolbox to provide relief for pregnancy-related low back pain.  the majority of these tools are similar to the ones used to treat any other musculoskeletal condition- exercise, education, soft-tissue therapy and joint manipulation.  However, there are techniques that chiropractors can use to specifically help the mothers in need.

Kinesiology Tape- You have probably seen the bright blue, pink or funky-patterned tape used on all of the Olympic athletes over the past decade.  Aside from it being a trendy fashion statement, the kinesiology tape has several benefits for musculoskeletal injuries: provide support for the affected area, give proprioceptive feedback, reduce swelling, improve lymphatic drainage and blood flow, and reduce pain.  Kinesiology tape has been shown to offer outstanding relief for pregnant women who experience low back pain during their term.  A few strategically place pieces of tape on the back or abdomen can help to support the baby belly and take pressure off the low back, all while providing proprioceptive feedback to maintain a better posture.  Kinesiology tape differs from the regular white athletic tape because it takes on skin-like properties, making it pliable and breathable.  You can wear it for up to five days, sweat with it, and even shower with it!

If you have any questions about any of these chiropractic techniques, please speak to a healthcare provider to determine if this is the best treatment for you and your baby.


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