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How to Maximize Digestion and Absorption of Nutrients

Most people think as long as we eat the right kind of food, in the correct proportions, and maybe take a few vitamins if required, we will receive all the nutrients we need, allowing the body to effectively perform it’s daily functions. This is only half true.
The process in which our body breaks down, and absorbs the nutrients can be quite complex, as you might imagine.  Here are a few things you can do to maximize the digestion and absorption of nutrients in the food you eat:

  1. Eat Your Meal In A Quiet & Relaxed Environment –  This improves circulation to the digestive system, and prepares all digestive organs to do their work.
  2. Chew Your Food Well – This allows you to feel full faster and places less burden on the liver & pancreas to produce extra digestive enzymes.
  3. No Water With Meals(especially cold) – While drinking enough water is vital, during mealtime it can dilute the digestive enzymes and acidity needed to function optimally. Cold water makes the oils and fats we eat more clumpy and harder to absorb.
  4. Take Vitamin D, E, A, K, with Fat – These are fat soluble vitamins and therefore need fats to be absorbed.
  5. Take Vitamin B12 with Calcium – Calcium is necessary for the absorption of Vitamin B12.
  6. Take Iron with Vitamin C – Vitamin C  enhances the absorption of Iron.
  7. Avoid Exercise Immediately After Eating – Digestion takes time. Give the body a few hours to properly digest and absorb everything you ate.

Note: Calcium can hinder the absorption of Iron, so avoid foods high in Calcium, like milk,  when eating foods high in iron.

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