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COVID-19 Proticols: 

Under the direction of our Provincial Health Officer and regulatory College, we have implemented new health and safety guidelines.

On entering, we request that you:

  1. Apply hand sanitizer to both hands.
  2. Don a mask, if possible, bring your own. We have disposable ones available.
  3. Minimize unnecessary contact with items or surfaces not involved in your appointment today.
  4. Please don’t sit in the waiting room chairs, unless necessary, we will direct you to the treatment room right away. 
  5. Avoid physical forms of greeting – we know, it’s unnatural for us too!
  6. Give space when possible.

We have sanitized all areas prior to your arrival and will repeat the process when you leave.

Please note that although we have taken every recommended step to mitigate risk, the only guaranteed form of protection against COVID-19 is self-isolation. If you are uncomfortable or have any concerns with our office protocols, we are happy to postpone your appointment. Thank you for your support and help to navigate these difficult times.


Local Healthcare Practitioners

Dr. Amber Vinge – An exceptional optometrist, vision therapist, and Derek’s wife!

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Chiropractic BC
Chiropractic Canada
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