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Fit Chiropractic & Sport Therapy

526-B Cumberland Rd.
Courtenay, BC, V9N 2C7

Phone: 250-871-3674

Fax: 250-871-7721

Business Hours:

Monday: 9am – 6pm

Tuesday: 9am – 6pm

Wednesday: 9am – 6pm

Thursday: 9am – 6pm

Friday: 8am – 4pm

Fit Chiropractic & Sport Therapy is located at the corner of 8th Street and Fitzgerald Ave in downtown Courtenay. There is free parking out front of the clinic. If no parking is available, then there will be some available on Fitzgerald Ave or 9th Street.

What Our Clients Say:

We have been patients of Dr. Vinge for two years. He is a man with a positive caring spirit. This spirit is reflected in his service protocols. Dr. Vinge is very good at learning about what we would like to have done that would make us feel better.  He does this by using active listening techniques and careful assessments to determine where he needs to do is work at each appointment.  Dr. Vinge then goes to work applying his knowledge of Active Release Techniques to work our muscles, while being aligned with his intuitive sensing and superb knowledge of the anatomy and kinesiology of muscles and bones.
Dr. Vinge has great passion for working diligently to help is reach our desired state of health and we are greatful for the benefits we have recieved.  We are both dealing with chronic problems and continue to rely on Dr. Vinge to keep us in the game of life. es.

Rex & Mary B.

“You could try a chiropractor” My doctor’s words after recommending higher doses of pain killers; I took her advice, and, on my first visit, I experienced considerable relief of both piece and mind.  After a few treatments, it’s now healing slowly with no pain-killers, more sleep, and mobility. Thank you Derek!

Margaret A.