Patient-Centered Care

 The therapists at Fit Chiropractic and Sport Therapy prefer to spend more time in the history exam to listen  to the patient explain their  symptoms and concerns. We try to focus on the long term relationship as a healthcare team-member rather than generic prefabricated treatments. Our goal is to understand each individual patient for who they are and work with them to optimize function and prevent the re-occurrence of injuries.

Dr. Derek Vinge utilizes a diversified manual (hands on) adjusting technique and analyses each patient to assess what soft tissue therapy or chiropractic mobilization is optimum for their body type and condition. Dr. Derek enjoys working with all activity levels from weekend-warriors to the elite. Also, children who are active will have bumps and bruises and should be assessed by a chiropractor. In addition, as we age the recovery process is slowed and chiropractic should be utilized to accelerate healing in the golden aged population.

Instrument Adjusting* – Although most patients receive traditional manual (“hands-on”) adjustments, Dr. Vinge also offers other chiropractic adjustments, preformed with an engineered instrument. Some patients are familiar with these instrument adjustment techniques, which are often referred to as “activator”, or “reflex tool”.  Experience has shown that instrument adjusting can be useful when used in combination with manual adjusting. In other instances, instrument adjusting may be used as an alternative to manual adjusting. As with all of Dr. Vinge’s treatment options, he will be happy to discuss with you which adjusting techniques would be best for your particular condition.

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What Our Clients Say:

I hyper-extended my knee and had been slowly rehabilitating on my own for six months. I would go for runs and have to stop after only 15 minutes because of pain. From a lack of positive results I finally sought professional help. Dr Vinge utilized Active Release and Graston techniques on my knee and prescribed specific rehabilitation exercises. After two to three treatments, along with diligent rehab, I was knocking out 3km runs and felt strong the whole way through. I felt back in control of my own health and Dr Vinge continues to ensure that my fitness will endure for the long term

Paul W.

I would highly recommend Dr. Vinge to anyone without doubt.  Having had a neck injury four years ago, my range of mobility was minimal and the pain that came with it was unbearable. Thankfully, after just one visit I had fantastic results, I was sold on Chiropractic treatment.  I improved significantly after each visit and to date most of my symptoms have cleared up, including migraines, nausea, extremely tight muscles, and dizziness. I highly recommend Dr. Vinge to anyone who has had, or who is in pain, he works with compassion, sensitivity, and professionalism.

Tammy E.